Jennifer Lawrence breaks her silence on 'nude pics' scandal!

Jennifer Lawrence breaks her silence on 'nude pics' scandal!


New Delhi: Hollywood top-notch actress Jennifer Lawrence has finally broken her silence on the embarrassing 'nude pics' scandal, which hit many celebrities in the West. In an interview with 'Vanity Fair', the 'Hunger Games' actress spoke her heart out, for the very first time.

According to reports, Lawrence said that such an incident is not a scandal but "sex crime", and "sexual violation". The talented actress further stressed on how she considered writing a statement, but each time she would "cry or get angry."

The 24-year-old Oscar winner also revealed that the pictures which were leaked by the hackers, were actually taken for her boyfriend of four years - actor Nicholas Hoult. She added that she was in a loving, healthy, great relationship for four years, which was a long distance one. Therefore, the private pictures were meant exclusively for her then boyfriend, and not for anyone else.

The angry actress lashed out at the hacker, saying that being a public figure does not mean that she asked for this. 

The actress in her interview even expressed the plight and pain of speaking it up with her father. She revealed that it was the hardest for her to talk about the entire incident to her father. Meanwhile, the mobile phone company Apple announced plans to tighten its online security and also urged users to use stronger passwords to prevent data thefts. Also, the FBI is investigating the matter currently.

Other celebrities who were a victim of 'nude pics' scandal included Kim Kardashian, Nick Hogan, Hilary Duff and several others.

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