Jermaine Jackson pleads for an end to family feud

London: Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine has called for an end to the family feud over the pop legend’s estate, and the arrangements and guardianship of his three children.

“After much soul-searching, it is clearly time for us to live by Michael’s words about love not war,” the Mirror quoted Jermaine as writing in a statement.

Jermaine also withdrew his support for a leaked letter which calls on executors of the estate to resign, claiming that his brother’s will was a fake.

It’s been a bizarre few weeks for the family which saw his mother, Katherine, lose guardianship of Michael’s children amid reports that she was missing but later turned up at an Arizona spa.

Michael’s siblings, Jermaine, Randy and Janet, are believed to have driven to the Jackson home and demanded they leave with Michael’s three children.

Police were called to break up a fight between security staff and family members who had turned up at the children’s home.

According to reports, the King of Pop’s son Prince Michael, 15, was responsible for ordering guards to fend off his uncles, Jermaine and Randy, and aunt, Janet.

Jermaine and Janet were pictured arguing outside the property. And a video appeared on YouTube, seeming to show Janet slapping Paris’ mobile phone out of her hands.

“Mistakes have been made and irrational things have been said on both sides in a highly charged emotional environment,” Jermaine wrote in his statement.

“It is time for us all to draw a line in the sand and move towards peace, co-operation, love and healing. It was clear that mutual suspicions had allowed events to spiral out of control.

“I regret that events were ever allowed to reach such a stage. I regret any distress caused to Prince, Paris and Blanket. That was never, ever the intention of myself, Janet, Rebbie or Randy,” he added.


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