Jerry Lewis wants to punch LiLo in her mouth

Updated: Sep 03, 2010, 17:46 PM IST

London: Show business veteran Jerry Lewis wants to smack troubled actress Lindsay Lohan in her mouth.

The funnyman admits he has no tolerance for young celebrities - and he takes aim at Lohan in a new televised rant.

"I`d smack her in the mouth if I saw her. I would smack her in the mouth and be arrested for abusing a woman!, the Daily Express quoted Lewis as telling US TV news show Inside Edition.

"I would say, `You deserve this and nothing else...` Whack! And then, if she`s not satisfied, I`d put her over my knee and spank her and then put her in rehab and that`s it."

Lewis insists Lohan is an example of young talent taking everything for granted.

"She doesn`t have the right to do to herself what she`s doing. She`s not hurting my business. What she`s doing is hurting herself, and that hurts me. It hurts me for her," he added.