Jesse James’ ‘mistresses’ had no knowledge of Sandra Bullock`s adoption

New York: Jesse James’ alleged mistresses Michelle McGee and Melissa Smith didn’t know he was planning to adopt a baby with wife actress Sandra Bullock.

McGee’s father Denny said that her daughter wouldn’t have indulged in an affair with the TV mechanic had she known his secrets.

"She was completely in the dark about it. If she had known that Jesse was involved in adopting a baby then she would never have gotten involved with him in the first place that`s for sure,” the New York Daily News quoted him as telling

He added: "It`s one thing to cheat on your wife but to do it when you are adopting a baby is really, really low. It shows just what type of man he is.

"It is disgusting behavior he was living a total lie and being totally selfish. At the end of the day, Jesse was thinking with the wrong head."

Also, Smith insisted that she had no knowledge of James and Bullock`s adoption process.

She insisted that if she had known it would have "absolutely" changed what happened between them.

Meanwhile, Bullock recently appeared in front of the media with her three and half month old adopted son, Louis Bardo Bullock.



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