Jessica Biel was a rebel

London: Actress Jessica Biel broke rules when she was younger but now has been forced to curb her rebellious side because of her job.

The `A Team` star, who is currently dating `SexyBack` singer Justin Timberlake, admitted that she went through a rebellious stage in her life, but now no longer has the opportunity to go crazy as her life is under public eye, reports a news website.

"I absolutely had a mad, crazy period. Probably when I was between 16 to 22. I was sneaking out of the house, getting in trouble. The thing with the US is you can`t drink until you`re 21, but everyone drinks before," said Biel.

"I broke the rules just like everyone else does. I am not an angel, I am not a perfect person who doesn`t mess up, eat bad, not work out - I mean, I do all of those things. It`s just for the most part, when I`m working, I don`t feel like I have the choice," she added.



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