Jessie J owns a Mercedes SLK she can`t drive

Updated: Jun 01, 2011, 13:31 PM IST

London: English singer Jessie J has been gifted top-of-the-range Mercedes SLK by her record company, but she is not able to drive the 44,000-pound car.

The convertible was a thank-you gift from the record company for filling their coffers, reports

The new luxury car is a huge change from the Ford Ka she drove before making it big.

"I gave my Ka to my dad. I`ve now got a brand new Mercedes SLK, but the only thing is I can`t drive it. My Ka was like a go-kart, but with this I`m a mess. I don`t know how to use the radio. I try to indicate and I spray water at people and I`m not a fan of the heated seat because it feels like you`ve wet yourself," she said.

The singer has just announced her Britain tour that will kick off in Birmingham Oct 17.