Jim Carrey unsure of finding long love

London: Hollywood funnyman Jim Carrey doesn`t know if he`ll ever find someone to spend the rest of his life with.

The 49-year-old actor who split from girlfriend of five years Jenny McCarthy in 2010, said that after having had to "erase" a number of former flames from his life, he doesn`t
know if he will ever commit to another person fully, reported a website.

"I`ve been erased and I know what it`s like to erase someone. You know the feeling when you loved somebody and it ends and you feel as if they`ve moved on or maybe even none of it ever mattered? It`s a terrible feeling.

"But everything in my life comes to me for a reason, to step me up to another level and to make me learn. Every single relationship has brought me a little bit closer to realising what I want and what I don`t want, and teaching me the value of love. I don`t know if I`ll ever actually find somebody I can hang with for the rest of my life," Carey said.

The `Mr Popper`s Penguins` actor who has battled with depression in the past explained he has on occasions veered into a "bad neighbourhood" in his life.

"I veer off the road once in a while and take the off-ramp into a bad neighbourhood and live there for a while, but it`s not usually very long. Everything starts to go wrong and you can only stay in that mode for a short time if you`re awake and sober and looking at the universe," he said.


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