Jimmy Sheirgill looking forward to work with Pakistan film industry

Karachi: Jimmy Sheirgill has said that Hindi and Punjabi films have a huge audience from Pakistan - especially in Canada.

It`s been a super busy year for the Bollywood actor.

With over 50 Hindi and Punjabi films under his belt, Sheirgill has proven himself as the versatile actor he always dreamt of being, even if it took him 17 years.

While he loves to do Punjabi films , Sheirgill says that his bread and butter comes from Bollywood films.

While there aren`t many ardent lovers of local films outside of Pakistan, Sheirgill says he is a fan.

He said that there is a huge amount of talent in Pakistan, especially in their drama and theatre, which are inspired by real stories.

Talking about a possible Indo-Pak "co-production," Sheirgill said "Somewhere in the future the two industries will merge. With so many festivals taking place and films being made outside of Pakistan and about Pakistan, there is a lot of talent coming into the foreign limelight," The Express Tribune reported.

He added that he would love to be in a co-production, and has been planning to go to Pakistan for a long time now.