JK Rowling’s new ‘Pottermore’ website ‘coming soon’!

London: ‘Harry Potter’ author J.K. Rowling has launched a mysterious website called ‘Pottermore’ to treat her fans with more wizardry.

The project was unveiled when Rowling asked fans to enter 10 sets of coordinates into a site called secretstreetview.com.

Later on, a letter could be found at each location, spelling out the ‘Pottermore’ name.

The website revealed Rowling’s signature and the message: “Coming soon...”

Her lawyer, Neil Blair, refused to reveal what the website would contain.

“This is not a new Harry Potter book,” the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

According to rumours, the interactive site will be a meeting place for fans offering games, a Harry Potter encyclopaedia, readings by Stephen Fry and competitions.

The fans will also be able to buy books from this site.

Potter fan site ‘The Leaky Cauldron’ was granted a sneak preview of the content and they described it as ‘one of the most amazing, engaging and breathtaking additions to this fandom imaginable’.