Joe Jackson not treated with respect in MJ probate case: Lawyer

Washington: A lawyer for Joe Jackson has claimed that his client has not been treated with ‘dignity and worth’ by the judge in the Michael Jackson probate case.

Lawyer Brian Oxman alleged that the probate judge was wrong in shutting down Joe’s attempt to 86 executors John Branca and John McClain.

The trial judge ruled Joe had no legal standing to object to the duo, because Joe himself was intentionally excluded by as Michael’s beneficiary under the will, reports TMZ.

But Oxman claimed that Joe was financially dependent on his son and should therefore have a right to object to the appointment of the men who are making financial decisions for the Estate.

The lawyer for Michael Jackson’s kids claimed that Joe is actually harming them with all the procedural wrangling.

Kids’ lawyer Margaret Lodise said Joe only cares about his stake in the Estate and, therefore, he’s the ultimate dog in the manger.


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