John Abraham plagued by acute muscle malfunction

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Fitness freak John Abraham’s addictive workout sessions have turned into a nightmare, for the actor is suffering from an acute muscle malfunction.

The actor, whose taut body and butt-baring act in ‘Dostanta’ made him an overnight star, is facing the side effects of extreme burnout. John has been told by his doctors that any further exertion could lead to severe neurological damage.

Talking to a news daily, a source said, “John Abraham has been asked by doctors to stay away from his gym. His excessive workout sessions have taken a huge toll on his body. Now, he is suffering from something called acute muscle fatigue. For the last month and a half, John has been exercising to prepare for his role in Vipul Shah’s remake of Tamil film ‘Khakha Khakha’ to be directed by Nishikant Kamat. John’s workout sessions have lasted as long as three to four hours every single day. The film needs him to beef up so he has a body that has not been seen on celluloid till date.”

However, unlike ‘Khahka Khaka’, ‘Dostana 2’ wants the actor in a leaner body as the source added, “This is why John has been following two regimes under two different trainers. Doctors have now asked him to completely stop exercising because his body is reduced to a state where it can’t possibly take any more of it. An over-exhaustive exercise regime has impacted John. He can’t work out at all now as this could also affect his brain or his neurological system.”

When contacted, John Abraham confirmed the reports and said, “My doctor has asked me to take it easy and not go to the gym. My muscles can’t take the stress anymore; they need rest.”

Well, get well soon John!