John Travolta had 6-yr gay affair with me, says California pilot

New York: A California pilot, who claims to have had a high-flying gay affair with John Travolta, is now revealing details about their alleged six-year relationship.

In a National Enquirer story labelled “ridiculous” by Travolta’s camp, Gotterba claims that he first met the ‘Grease’ star in February 1981 when he interviewed for a pilot job and by September they were lovers.

“I know the date (the affair began) because I still have the log book and records,” the New York Daily News quoted Gotterba as saying.

The 62-year-old said they flew to Monterey, Calif., together and shared a “fantastic” bottle of merlot wine over dinner at the Highlands resort in Carmel.

“I got the sense I was being courted,” Gotterba said.

“As we walked from the restaurant back to the room, John suddenly said, “Hey, would you like a massage?’” he said.

Gotterba said he’d expected the invitation, and the massage quickly led to sex.

“John was gentle but very passionate. The next day he told me with a big smile on his face, ‘I really enjoyed last night,’” Gotterba said.

Gotterba said the 58-year-old actor took him on more romantic trips to Hawaii, Amsterdam and Kenya.

“Sometimes he’d bring women along as beards, but he would ask me to join him in his suite and we’d spend the nights together. It was our little secret,” Gotterba said.

The pilot said he encouraged Travolta to get a girlfriend as cover, and that’s when the actor started dating Brooke Shields.

“There was no chemistry between them. They’d smile for the cameras and everyone assumed they were a couple,” he said.

The affair ended in 1986 after growing tensions, Gotterba said.

“He’d show up on my door many times, unannounced, to check up on me,” he said.

“He’d disappear into my bedroom and go through my drawers. He always tried to catch me cheating on him,” Gotterba said.

He said Travolta would ignore him for days if he didn’t drop everything to be with him on a moment’s notice.

Their last meeting was years later in 1992, after Travolta married actress Kelly Preston.

“We were making small talk when suddenly, I blurted out, ‘So, John, tell me. Now that you’re married, do you still prefer men – or women?’” Gotterba said he asked Travolta.

He added that Travolta replied in the affirmative saying “Well, Doug, I still prefer men”.