Johnny Depp campaigns for release of child murderers

London: Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp has joined the campaign calling for the release of convicted child murderers, the West Memphis 3.

The `Pirates Of The Caribbean` star stepped up to the podium at the Voices For Justice rally in Arkansas to read out a harrowing excerpt from the journal of death row prisoner Damien Echols, reported Sun online.

Echols, along with Jason Baldwin and Jesse Misskelley Jr, are in prison for the murders of three eight-year-old boys from West Memphis in 1993.

Depp is among a growing army of supporters who insist all the evidence from the slayings, point to the convicted trio`s innocence.

Another famous supporter of the cause is `Pearl Jam` rocker Eddie Vedder, a good friend of Depp`s. "If you educate yourself on the case, you`ll find they are completely innocent. We have evidence that we believe will exonerate these kids," Vedder had said during an appearance on the Larry King Show.

The bodies of Steve Branch, Christopher Byers and Michael Moore were found mutilated in a creek in 1993.