Johnny Depp reveals obsession with vampires

London: Johnny Depp has revealed that it was his fascination with vampires that inspired the creation of his new movie ‘Dark Shadows’. The 48-year-old actor explained what drew him to playing Barnabas Collins, a cursed vampire imprisoned for 200 years and set free in 1972.

The film ‘Dark Shadows’, directed by Tim Burton, is an adaptation of the 1960s gothic soap opera of the same name. The vampire once set free and returns to his old home to find his descendants struggling to preserve the family name. Barnabas is met with culture shock when he comes face to face with roads, cars, troll dolls and lava lamps.

“We thought what a great way to incorporate having this vampire coming back 200 years later in 1972, and basically being the eyes that we never had back then,” a leading daily has quoted Depp as saying.

“The eyes that can see the absurdity,” he said.

Eva Green plays evil sorceress Angelique Bouchard, who condemns Barnabas to eternal hell as the undead after he confesses that he does not love her.

“She’s obsessed with him,” the 31-year-old French actress said.

“She would die for him; she would do anything for him. She just wants his love back,” she added.

Jonathan Frid, the Canadian actor who played the original Barnabas Collins in the television series, has a cameo role in the film version.