Jolie could be a good spy, says ‘Salt’ trainer

London: Professional CIA spy for 14 years, Melissa Mahle stole secrets, dodged bullets and saved lives.

But this time, the former CIA spy was assigned to train Angelina Jolie for her role as a secret agent in new blockbuster movie `Salt`.

And Mahle said that despite being one of the most well known celebrities over the world, Angelina has all the attributes to be a brilliant spy.

"Angelina is good at masking her inner emotions and she brings that to the role,” The Sun quoted her as saying.

"To be a good spy you harbour a lot of lies all the time. You want to present a particular image, whatever that image is going to be. There is an element of that in being a celebrity,” Mahle added.

"Spies are always acting and taking on roles. We manipulate how people view you and that``s very similar to what actors do. Angelina pulls it off very well, her focus and understanding is very impressive," she said.

Melissa used her wealth of experience to improve the script and advised Angelina on her role as a CIA spy accused of being a Russian mole.

"When I met Angelina I was so impressed. I don`t know what I was expecting but I got a real professional. She was focused and interested in the details of how things worked and looking at it through a spy`s eye," she said.


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