Jolie protects children from seeing violent scenes

Los Angeles: Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie says she didn`t allow her children to visit the sets of her directorial debut `In The Land of Blood And Honey` while filming some brutal scenes.

"They liked to visit the set and play in the fake snow, but there were many days when they couldn`t come because we were filming scenes that weren`t appropriate for children," she told the Daily Telegraph newspaper

The actress is raising six children with partner Brad Pitt and allowed them to visit her during breaks and was happy to seem them as they used to lighten the atmosphere, reports

"But whenever I called cut and we had a break, the kids would come and play soccer with the cast and we`d all laugh because they brought levity and love to something that was so dark. I was always so happy to see them I probably smothered them with love because of the subject matter I was dealing with," she added.


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