Jon Bon Jovi warns Justin Bieber - Don`t disrespect fans

London: Singer Jon Bon Jovi has warned Justin Bieber that he will risk losing fans if he continues to turn up late for concerts.

The 19-year-old popstar made headlines after appearing on stage almost two hours after the scheduled start time at London`s O2 Arena in March and again in Dubai earlier this month, reported Digital Spy.

"They run the risk of disrespecting their audience members who have worked hard to pay for their ticket, to give you the permission to take two or three hours of their lives - or in that kid`s case, 80 minutes of their lives.

"Do it once, you can be forgiven. Do it enough times and shame on you. They won`t have you back. Then it just becomes a cliche. It`s really not cool," the 51-year-old rocker said.

Bieber beat Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars to be handed the first `Milestone Award` at the Billboard Awards recently.

However, the popstar was booed by some audience members as he received the prize.