Jordan to reveal reason of splitting with Andre

London: Model Katie Price aka Jordan is planning to reveal about her marriage split from singer Peter Andre in her new autobiography, including how he dumped her after seeing pictures of her partying with male friends.

The incident took place in Bristol`s Syndicate nightclub May 2009, where she was photographed cozing up with men after drinking.

"The moment Pete saw those snaps was the moment their fairytale relationship was over," quoted a source as saying.

"Pete just reached tipping point, he could no longer stay married to her. They had a blazing row on the phone and immediately knew it was over."

Katie`s fourth autobiography "You Only Live Once" is set to reveal details of her relationship with new husband, "Celebrity Big Brother" winner Alex Reid.

She released her first autobiography, "Being Jordan" in May 2004 and subsequent instalments, "Jordan: A Whole New World" and "Pushed to the Limit" in April 2006 and February 2008 respectively.