Joseph Gordon-Levitt crashes his bike into a taxi

London: `Inception` actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt met with a nasty accident when his bicycle slammed into the back of a taxi while filming for new movie `Premium Rush`.

Playing a bicycle courier in the new movie, Joseph, 29, got a very nasty gash on his arm after the accident, Daily Mail online reported.

The actor, who ended up getting 31 stitches in his arm, posted a grisly video of the aftermath on his website yesterday.

"Busted through the rear window of a cab. Luckily got my elbows up. Coulda been way worse. No, but it was my fault, I was going too fast," he wrote on his Twitter account.

No stranger to physically-demanding scenes after action-packed thriller `Inception`, Joseph seemed to relish the real-life drama.

"Wanna see a lot of my blood? 31 stitches today... (caution gore)," he added.

"The director, Dave Koepp, was extremely concerned for my well-being, but I made him record the wound. Anyway, Premium Rush is gonna be awesome," He later added on his blog.

Joseph is filming his new movie alongside `Entourage` beauty, Dania Ramirez, 27.

Premium Rush is about a bike messenger who picks up a package at Columbia University, catching the attention of a corrupt policeman.


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