Joseph Gordon-Levitt missed prom to avoid `evil` girls

Los Angeles: Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt did not attend his high school prom as he thought girls were evil.

The ‘500 Days of Summer’ star, who studied at the Van Nuys High School in Los Angeles said he was a "serious little dude ? snobby" and never tried to please girls, reported GQ magazine.
"I thought the girls my age were very frustrating. They were, like, looking in their compact mirrors and I thought that was evil," he said.

Today, Gordon-Levitt, 31, who goes by Joe, has brought that seriousness to his career. He`s got four movies coming out before year`s end, including a mysterious role in ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’

In addition to the Batman flick, Gordon-Levitt will soon be seen in next month`s thriller ‘Premium Rush,’ sci-fi film ‘Looper’ with Bruce Willis, and Steven Spielberg`s biopic `Lincoln` as the president`s son.

He`s currently directing his first feature film, a 2013 comedy called ‘Don Jon`s Addiction,’ in which he stars with Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, and his `Angels in the Outfield` co-star Tony Danza.