Jude Law to spend Christmas with ex-wife and kids

London: Jude Law is not spending this Christmas with girlfriend Sienna Miller, instead he will have ex-wife Sadie Frost and their kids for company.

The 37-year-old actor will have a family re-union with Frost and their three children while Miller celebrates with her own folks, reported The Telegraph online.

"We are going to Jude`s for Christmas lunch. He`s going to cook for us. I don`t think Sienna is going to be there. She has her own family," said Frost.

In June, the actress gave Miller, 28, a ticking-off on Twitter after she took Frost`s 10-year-old daughter by Law, Iris, to the hairdressers.

"I think ya should get ya own child and cut their hair (sic)," she tweeted.

Now, Frost, 45, insists that she has resolved her differences with Miller. "We all get along. I think she`s a sweet girl. It wouldn`t be problem if she was there."

After Frost divorced Law in 2003, they continued to spend Christmas holidays overseas with their children. Last year, however, Law took the children to Barbados for a holiday with Miller.

"I am having a really low-key Christmas with the children. We are not going away this year. We`re just going to have a family Christmas at home," Frost added.