Julia Roberts paid £1m to appear in 45-second coffee ad

London: Actress Julia Roberts has been paid the hefty sum of 1.14 million pounds to appear in a 45-second advertisement for Italian coffee house Lavazza.

Roberts, 43, who is portrayed as Botticelli’s Venus in a setting in the clouds, will not even have to say a word in the ad, which will be screened over the Christmas period in Italy, the Daily Mail reported.

The scene opens with the painter at his wits end as his difficult muse refuses to smile for him as he attempts to create his masterpiece, Spring Allegory.

The ad also features two famous Italian entertainers, Paolo Bonolis and Luca Laurenti who offer the actress some of Lavazza’s A Modo Mio coffee.

After sipping the coffee, Roberts breaks into her trademark toothy grin as the men rejoice around her and Botticelli excitedly gets to work to capture her smile.

The brief advertisement ends with Roberts winking at the camera. (ANI)