Julia Roberts vows to beat up Adele`s future beau if he ill-treats her

London: Julia Roberts has become such a big fan of Adele after listening to her ‘21’ album that she has issued a warning to the singer’s future boyfriends to never hurt her.

The 44-year-old actress has said she would stand shoulder pad to shoulder pad with the Grammy nominee, if the Brit singer’s next boyfriend treats her badly.

“Anybody that’s going to date her is a brave man.

“You’re going to get a whole lot of love, but you’d better treat her right, or we’re all coming after you.

The ‘Pretty Woman’ star became a fan after being given a copy of ‘21’ by her hairdresser.

“Adele’s music is so personal that you get invested in her life.

The singer underwent an operation recent for her damaged vocal cords

“When Adele had her health scare, I had random people saying to me, ‘Oh my God, did you hear about Adele?’

“We feel like Adele’s in our book club or she lives in our neighbourhood — that’s a gift, to make people feel that way,” She added.