Julianne Moore gets British citizenship

Updated: Aug 30, 2011, 13:42 PM IST

London: Julianne Moore, who was born in the US, is "thrilled" after gaining British citizenship and says that the move will please her late mother Anne, who was a Scottish.

"I`ve just become a UK (Britain) citizen. Isn`t that something? I`m really thrilled and it would have meant the world to her (mom). Her parents emigrated when she was 10, so she didn`t have a choice about moving to the United States," contactmusic.com quoted Moore as saying.

The 50-year-old`s mother had to renounce her British citizenship when she married Peter, an American who was an army colonel and later a military judge.

"My sister and I both remember her coming home in tears carrying the American flag," she said.