Julianne Moore writes book on mum

Updated: Mar 26, 2012, 18:48 PM IST

Washington: Julianne Moore has written a book aimed at helping kids understand different nationalities. The children’s picture book, My Mom is a Foreigner, is in honour of her Scottish mother, who kept her distinctive accent even as she emigrated to America from Scotland when she was 10 years old – something that Moore admits her childhood pals took notice of.

“My mother kept her Scots accent but I didn’t notice because I heard her voice every day. When I was little, I’d bring people home and they’d say, ‘Why does your mom talk so funny?’ I couldn’t quite hear it. It was just how my mother spoke,” a website has quoted Moore, whose mum died in 2009, as telling a leading daily.

“I know lots of women who have mums from Poland, Russia or Puerto Rico - somewhere that was considered different. This book is all about what it’s like to be the first generation in a new country. It’s really about children talking about what it is to have a parent from another country and all of the things that you grow up with and things that are difficult for you, like language differences.”