Justin Bieber`s grandparents blame his controversial behaviour on his age

London: Canadian pop musician, Justin Beiber`s grandparents have come out in support of their grandson following his recent antics, saying that he`s doing the things a normal 19-year-old would do.

Diana Dale has spoken out to defend her grandson and has called for people to cut him some slack.

She told Canada`s CTV News Ottowa that she thinks its crazy as paparazzi is constantly scrutinizing him. She added that all kids at some point indulge in the same things, but Beiber`s actions have been over hyped, the Mirror reported.

His grandfather, Bruce Dale asked people to keep his age in mind and also consider what other 19-year olds are doing.

In recent months, Beiber has had an altercation with a photographer, has fallen ill on stage and was even filmed urinating into a mop bucket among other naughty things.


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