Justin Bieber scores 6 million Twitter followers in 4 months

Washington: Justin Bieber, who had 18 million followers on twitter in March, has climbed to 24.3 million merely four months and a bestselling album later.

The only other person to have broken the 24 million barrier on the social media site is Lady Gaga, who currently has 26.5 million followers.

Bieber hit the 24 million milestone last week and celebrated the moment with a tweet.

“From a town of 30,000 - on my 18th bday we hit 18 MILLION...and now 4 months later we are at 24 MILLION BELIEBERS!!! #TEAMBIEBER GOES HARD!” LA Times quoted him as tweeting.

Although Bieber’s success on Twitter is impressive, the teen heartthrob truly excels on YouTube.

Bieber’s video for the song ‘Baby’ is the most watched video of all time on YouTube, with more than 750 million views. And the videos on his Vevo channel have been viewed more than 2.6 billion times.