Justin Bieber shoots ad to support campaign against texting while driving

Updated: Jul 20, 2011, 15:31 PM IST

Washington: Pop singer Justin Bieber has filmed an advertisement to support a campaign against texting while driving.

The teen pop sensation filmed the commercial for PhoneGuard, the company behind the free Drive Safe application, which locks the text-messaging function on Android and Blackberry phones to prevent drivers from typing while travelling at more than 10 miles-an-hour (16 kilometres-per-hour).

In the advertisement, the ‘Baby hitmaker’ says, "I get it, it`s tempting to text and drive, but maybe it`s time to take responsibility for our actions. If someone texts you while you``re driving, let them wait. You`re more important than a text could ever be."

"This campaign isn`t anti-texting. It`s about texting responsibly,” Contactmusic quoted him as telling HuffingtonPost.com.