Justin Bieber treats fans to pizza

Last Updated: Feb 11, 2013, 10:07 AM IST

Los Angeles: Pop star Justin Bieber treated his dozens of fans to pizza after they lined up outside NBC`s 30 Rock Center in hopes of winning standby tickets to see the teen host ‘Saturday Night Live’ (SNL).

The 18-year-old bought a warm snack for the group of devoted fans, who had been braving wind, rain and freezing temperatures for the chance to see him perform, reported Access Hollywood.

"It`s a standby line pizza party courtesy of @justinbieber and the awesome people on his team!," tweeted SNL, along with a photo of smiling, bundled up fans holding a box of pizza.

Bieber later tweeted, "Everyone outside be safe. Enjoy the pizza BIEBER on SNL."

Earlier this week, the Canadian-born star took to Twitter to give his 34 million followers an update on ‘SNL’ rehearsals.

"The cast is awesome. So positive. Make the process fun. I`m excited. Laughed all day today but gonna be a lot of work. We ready!"