Justin Bieber will be forgotten: Vanilla Ice

London: Rapper Vanilla Ice suggests teen sensation Justin Bieber to enjoy his success when he can because his fame won`t last.

The "one-time" hitmaker, was catapulted to fame after his hit single "Ice Ice Baby".But the star`s fame was fleeting and he struggled to maintain his success.

"I mean, I did `Ice Ice Baby` when I was 16. So I can kind of relate a bit. Sold over a hundred million records. And I had a weekend that lasted about three years, and I didn`t know who I was, what`s my purpose in life," dailymail.co.uk quoted Ice as saying.

"So my prediction about Bieber is that he`s going to go through one of those weekends that lasts a few years because he`s had such success as a child act.Then something else new will come along and he`ll be forgotten and he can try to put all the pieces back together, so it`s going to be entertaining to watch," he added


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