Justin Bieber’s fan ‘fabricated’ fathering accusation to extract money?

London: Justin Bieber’s fan, who had accused him of fathering her child, is now in a deeper mess as phone records indicate her allegations may have been fabricated in order to extract money from the teen sensation.

US website TMZ claims to be in possession of phone records which discredit her accusations.

The alleged texts were sent from the mum of four-month-old Tristyn to a friend, begging him to delete messages from her mother confirming that someone else had fathered her child.

She promised the mystery man a cut of the paternity case money ‘when we get paid’ if he complied with her request – and revealed the real dad’s name to be Robbie.

“Pleeease ERASE ALL MESSAGES from my mom where she says Tristyn is Robbies Son Ill kick u when we get paid im trusting you pleeease,” the Sun quoted her as saying.

“Would you please stress to Robbie how important it is for him to be in his son’s life?” she added.

The text is signed off as Mariah Laci – the latter being her middle name.

Despite these latest revelations, a Chicago-based paternity lawyer, Jeffrey Leving, representing Mariah insisted that Justin still had a case to answer and that they were forging ahead with plans to take him to court.

“She believes Justin Bieber is the father. Right now there’s no more interviews for Mariah Yeater, I’m not going to allow that.

“Secondly, negotiations are going on right now with Bieber’s counsel and we’re trying to negotiate a private, secure DNA test with the same safeguards that would exist if there were a court order, but without a court order,” Leving said.


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