Justin Timberlake, Sean Penn join hands to tackle trafficking

Updated: Apr 12, 2011, 09:29 AM IST

Los Angeles: Hollywood heartthrobs Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake, Bradley Cooper and Sean Penn have joined hands to fight sex trafficking with a new campaign aimed at `Real Men`.

Kutcher and wife Demi Moore`s charity `Demi and Ashton Foundation` has launched the campaign `Real Men Don`t Buy Girls`, which they hope will educate people about the shocking trade, reported People magazine online.

In Penn`s video, he is shown ironing a sandwich with the words, `Real Men Know How To Use An Iron`, while Timberlake is shown about to shave with a chainsaw with the tagline `Real Men Prefer A Close Shave`.

Kutcher also recorded a video, showing him sniffing his dirty socks, throwing them in the bin and getting a brand new pair out of a packet with the line `Real Men Do Their Own Laundry`.

Another shows Bradley Cooper in his back garden pouring milk into a box of cereal with the tagline `Real Men Know How To Make A Meal`.

`Desperate Housewives` star Eva Longoria also appears in the video.

Kutcher, 33, and Demi, 48, set up DNA to "work towardthe elimination of sex slavery worldwide as the right to be free is a building block of our DNA".

Moore was recently on a trip to Nepal in support of the NGO `Maiti Nepal` which works against sex slavery.