Kajol admits she is a “mean bitch”!

Updated: Aug 16, 2012, 16:34 PM IST

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Kajol has been one those rare breed of actresses who has not been dragged into controversies till date. But despite her clean public image, the actress and mother of two is known for her enigma and not-too-friendly media relations.

However, Kajol has made some interesting revelations about herself in an interview with India’s popular fashion magazine. And going by the answers she gave, we admit that we were quite surprised.

Mrs. Devgn spoke about her decade-long marriage with Ajay and reiterated the fact that an ideal marriage is not a bed of roses. “There are times when marriage is not such a comfortable place. But you find your way, you become a different person. You grow into it. And you have to work at marriage every day” she said.

But interestingly, when other actresses go to great lengths to highlight their goodness, Kajol honestly revealed her real side. “I’m a mean bitch,” she confessed. “I’m really nasty, you know. I’m critical and cutting. (Ajay) is a much better person than me. It’s not easy being the sensible one all the time, but he’s such a gentleman. He manages to calm me when I’m frustrated or angry, he always knows what to say or do. I really look up to him.”