Kamal Haasan’s message to Yash Chopra

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: As friends, family and fans of Yash Chopra mourned his death, Kamal Haasan had a message to convey to the soul that had transcended to heaven.

The veteran actor in a condolence message said, “You won`t be hearing this now. I wish I had told you this while you were alive. We admired you a lot, we got our confidence out of your work.”

“I never clearly told you this, it`s not because I was conceited or narcissistic; sometimes we were so odd by the superior personality that you were,” Kamal added.

The actor however regretted not having been able to express his admiration for the filmmaker in person. He had apparently had a number of opportunities to interact with Chopra but thought he could never convey his thoughts clearly to him.

“Doesn`t matter now, many more generations will admire you. Your family will enjoy the benefits of what you have done; the accolades, the income and all. What matters as an artist is the applause. While I offer my condolences to the family who would want to mourn, I would rejoice the life you have lived,” Kamal said.

The legendary filmmaker was a trendsetter of sorts who initiated the concept of an ensemble cast in his films. He was instrumental in shaping the careers of megastar Amitabh Bachchan and superstar Shah Rukh Khan and was also responsible for taking Hindi cinema to the European countries.

Yash Chopra succumbed to dengue and multiple organ failure on Sunday evening. He was hospitalized on 13 October.