Kangna Ranaut wishes for superpower to shut people up

Dubai: Kangna Ranaut is so fed up with people talking about her that she wishes she had the superpower to magically zip people’s mouths.

The actress is trying to change her on-screen image by playing a superwoman in ‘Krissh 3’, which is a Bollywood’s version of Wonder Woman-meets-Catwoman-meets-Supergirl.

However, when asked what is the one superpower she would herself wish to have, the actress said that she would like to stop people from talking about her.

“If I could ask for one super-power, it will be the magical ability to shut people up,” gulfnews.com quoted her as telling tabloid!

“I don’t mean you, but there are some stupid people on this earth who make stupid remarks about me. I wish I could zip their mouths,” she said.


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