Karan Johar making amends with Shah Rukh Khan?

Zee Media Bureau

Mumbai: The two have delivered a number of super-hits and have been known to be family to each other. However, things went awry between the two thick friends a while back and since then their fans have been anticipating reconciliation.

Karan Johar is extending an olive branch to Shah Rukh Khan after his friendship with the actor hit a rough patch.

KJo and SRK were believed to have had a fall-out after Priyanka Chopra’s proximity to the latter grew stronger. Johar, who is friends with SRK’s better half Gauri did not want her paradise to hit the rocks because of anyone and hence expressed his angst on Twitter.

Since then, the filmmaker was spotted with Salman Khan, SRK’s arch rival at various social dos. And that apparently widened the rift between him and the Baadshah of Bollywood.

However, Johar has now decided to let bygones be bygones and make amends with Shah Rukh.

When quizzed by a daily about his plans to work with SRK, KJo said, “I should (be planning one). Working with him is a given. He is my family and my friend. We’ll plan out something.”

Alls well that ends well isn’t?