Karan Johar miffed with southern star Siddharth!

Updated: Apr 01, 2011, 13:37 PM IST

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Southern actor Siddharth and director Karan Johar got into a verbal spat recently on micro bogging site Twitter.

The argument started when a fan of the actor posted a comment on his twitter page, saying that he looked like Karan Johar. Siddharth did not like the comment and perhaps thought the fan was insulting him. He replied saying that the fan needs spectacles and how he did not appreciate being compared to KJo.

This obviously got KJo angry and he tweeted, "Didn`t know I looked that bad Sid! Apologies! "

Oops! Guess Sid should have thought before tweeting. He did try to salvage the situation later by tweeting, "Ha! Ha! Of course you don`t. Welcome back Karan."

Even though it looks like a friendly banter, a source close to KJo revealed to a leading daily that the director didn`t take it lightly. "Karan has stayed away from the micro-blogging site for a while.

It was shocking that Sid would say something like this on a public forum. He`s always considered the actor a friend.

The comment was totally uncalled for."

In fact, after realizing what he had done, the ‘Rang De Basanti’ actor posted an online apology saying, "Karan Johar is a very genuine, respectable filmmaker who I am very fond of and have enjoyed meeting and knowing.

He has always been a very helpful senior and friend. If a silly, unintended joke goes awry, let me just say I had absolutely no intent to hurt Karan or his many admirers.

That`s all there is to be said! No more comments! Peace!."

Let’s hope Karan takes it lightly and forgives Siddharth soon!