Kareena Kapoor is scared of ghosts, horror stories

Last Updated: May 06, 2010, 00:14 AM IST

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: She might be the darling of the nation but when it comes to the supernatural, Bollywood star Kareena is scared of ghosts.

Recently, Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty scared Kareena by relating ghost stories on the sets of ‘Golmaal 3’.

Ajay and Rohit planned the whole prank in advance. When Kareena arrived on the sets, both Ajay and Rohit started discussing how a woman was brutally killed in the hotel, they were putting up. They told Kareena that the spirit of the slain lady roams around, seeking revenge. They also told her that the spirit has already killed a woman guest at the hotel.

Talking to a news daily, Kareena confirmed the entire episode and said, "Ajay keeps trying to scare me with stories of a ghost in our hotel. Of course I get scared with such horror stories and keep yelling at them to stop but they don`t! This hotel is like a khandar with no other habitation outside it and hardly any guests and it gets a bit scary at times. But I refuse to cower in fright and give them the pleasure of pulling off their pranks!"

Talking about ‘Golmaal 3’, Kareena seemed quite excited about her upcoming flick and said, "In the evening, we hang out together -- Ajay, Tusshar and me- have dinner and going to the gym together. We are one happy unit here."

Speaking on her non-stop schedule, Kareena said, "I am planning a break but I don`t think I will get it till August. I am shooting back-to-back with three films- ‘Golmaal 3’, ‘Ra One’, and ‘Agent Vinod.’ After the ‘Golmaal 3’ shoot ends, I will leave for my shooting in London and Morocco for ‘Ra One’ and ‘Agent Vinod.’"