Kate Beckinsale worried about daughter`s future boyfriends

Los Angeles: Actress Kate Beckinsale, mother to teenage daughter Lily Mo Sheen, approached action star Bruce Willis, a father to four girls, for advice about keeping her daughter`s boyfriends at bay.

The 38-year-old has been raising Lily with director husband Len Wiseman ever since her split from the girl`s father Michael Sheen in 2003.

"I remember Len talking to Bruce when Len did `Live Free or Die Hard`, and I think Bruce did some terrifying things when his daughter started having a boyfriend.

"Len and I asked him, `When Lily starts having boyfriends, will you come over, too? We will all stand on the doorstep and scare them`," starpulse.com quoted Beckinsale as saying.

However, if Willis is ever too busy, Beckinsale is confident her new role as an assassin in upcoming sci-fi film "Total Recall" will be enough of a scare tactic.

"Maybe now I don`t need Bruce. Now that I am a villain, I can go solo," she quipped.