Kate Hudson despises fame

Washington: Kate Hudson has claimed that she never wanted to become famous.

The 34-year-old star, who was raised by her actress mother Goldie Hawn and step-father Kurt Russell, admitted that she found it difficult to grow up with well known parents and she didn`t like that they were often away on film sets, Contactmusic reported.

The ` Bride Wars ` artist told the Sunday Times Magazine that fame takes parents away from you.

She said that it isn`t necessarily something where, as a child, you say, `Oh, this is fabulous!` because you feel the opposite.

She explained that going to a restaurant and having dinner is about spending time with the family, but there`s all this unwanted stir and attention.

The mum-of-two said that it`s intrusive, and you don`t have the ability to understand that as a child.

"The criticism, the judgment, this influx of base, negative-focused, what some people call `newsworthy` information-there are moments where you just go, `what has this world come to? I mean, really? Why is this person stalking me all day?? Who wants that? Not me," Hudson added.