Katherine Heigl is an "obnoxious" parent

Los Angeles: Hollywood actress Katherine Heigl is worried she is becoming an "obnoxious" parent because she`s constantly pushing her daughter to develop quicker.

The `Knocked Up` star and her husband Josh Kelley adopted little Naleigh, who has learning difficulties, last September last year, a news magazine reported.

And Heigl admits she has already become the ultimate pushy mum, often blaming herself that the 20-months-old tot hasn`t started walking yet.

"I think Josh and I started to get like those obnoxious parents that are a little, like, `What`s wrong with her? Why isn`t she walking yet? What are we doing wrong`," she said.

"Now we`re, like, pushing her all day, `Start walking!` (Then) I`ll be like, `Why can`t she sit down and play quietly in the corner?` But I figured we`re probably fine. She`ll start walking. She is starting to talk a little bit more. She says Dada all the time. Of course that was her first word... She points at me and says `Dada` too. She thinks anyone she loves is Dada. I will her to say Mama," she added.

Asked about another favourite phrase of Naleigh and she said, "She goes, `Oh yeah` all the time.. I think Josh and I do that a lot when we talk about things and she picked it up."