Katherine Heigl stressed out about baby`s wardrobe

London: Hollywood beauty Katherine Heigl is intimidated by the task of dressing up her baby daughter as she is compared to fashionable celebrity tots like Suri Cruise and the Pitt-Jolie brood.

The `Grey`s Anatomy` star says that she feels under pressure to make sure 18-month-old daughter Naleigh is always well dressed, reported Contactmusic.

"Dude, I try, but I`m not nailing the baby fashion.

It`s intimidating. I get beautiful outfits from Gap and baby Juicy, but I`m not layering it or putting her in Prada flats.

It`s really stressing me out," said the blonde beauty who is regularly voted one of the world`s most stylish women.

She had adopted Naleigh, a child with special needs from China last year with husband, rocker Josh Kelley.

Despite her efforts, little Naleigh may struggle to threaten four-year-old Suri`s reputation as the world`s most stylish tot.

It has previously been reported that the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, had USD 25,000 a month spent on her clothes because Katie wants her daughter to be the "most fashionable kid in Hollywood".