Katie Holmes denies pregnancy rumours

London: Photos of Katie Holmes shopping in New York last week prompted many to believe that the actress is pregnant with her second child from husband Tom Cruise.

However, a spokesperson has denied all such rumours.

Rather than simply putting her appearance down to a big lunch, she claimed that these pictures have been photoshopped.

However, the 32-year-old actress’ slightly protruding belly was obvious beneath her tight-fitting top and jeans as she browsed the shoe department of Barney`s New York in Beverly Hills.

“She`s not pregnant and this photo looks doctored,” a website quoted Ina Treciokas as telling E! News.

‘OK magazine’ in the US has claimed that Holmes told friends she is expecting.

Mail Online spoke to the picture agency Xposure who confirmed that the pictures were not altered in any way.

“We never doctor pictures to make anyone look fat, thin, pregnant, and so on. We have not doctored these pictures,” Xposure`s David Taylor said.