Katie Price loves making money

London: Model Katie Price, who has her own range of clothes, books, perfumes and bedding, has always been keen to earn cash and is forever coming up with ways to boost her wealth.

The 34-year-old has an estimated fortune of worth Rs.45 million pounds.

"My mum`s friend gave me the Kylie song `Tears On My Pillow` for my 12th birthday and I also got a tape recorder so I used it to record that song and others off the radio and sell them for 1 pound. I have always loved the thrill of making money," thesun.co.uk quoted Price as saying.

"I was very shrewd from a young age. I remember going to a pet shop with my mum aged about nine and there was a black rabbit that I desperately wanted but she said `no`.

I thought to myself, `I am going to have that rabbit`, and when we got home I found Mum`s cheque book and wrote out and signed one in her name for the price of the rabbit.

"I posted it off to the pet shop and they phoned back a few days later and asked to check some details with my mum. I was grounded for a week," she said.