Katie Price regrets not protecting her kids from public glare

London: Katie Price, who has won the ‘Celebrity Mum of the Year’ title for this year, has confessed her guilt of being unable to shield her children from the public eye. The 33-year-old has revealed that she wished her disabled son Harvey, nine, and her children by ex-husband Peter Andre, Junior, six, and four-year-old Princess, had a normal upbringing like other kids.

“There are lots of regrets but I do things differently now. Years ago, when I was with Pete, I was in a different bubble,” a leading daily has quoted her as saying.

“I was doing reality shows and photoshoots and they were young then but now they are at an age where they know exactly what is going on.

“Both Junior and Princess were saying, ‘Oh, I’m on TV’, and looking back I think that’s wrong. I want them to have an upbringing like their school friends – for it to be as normal as possible,” she added.

Price said that she now tries hard not to be pictured with her kids “just to protect them”.