Katrina continues to be ‘Katrina Bhabhi’ for Sallu bhai’s gang

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2011, 20:56 PM IST

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: The million dollar question here is - are they still romantically engaged, or not? If we go by the present state of affairs between Katrina and Salman, it clearly appears that the two have moved on in life, but they do plan to be friends forever.

However, for Salman’s buddies, Kat is still called ‘Katrina Bhabhi’. But again, that is something very basic and which makes for the group of Sallu bhai, besides Kat earning that respect over years of being around with the gang.

Speaking about Katrina’s character, a common friend said that she invites no negativity from the people she is close to. “She doesn`t invite proximity. But once you are a part of her close circle, she effortlessly draws you close to the goodness of her heart. It is impossible to be angry or sarcastic with Katrina. Forget about being violent. No man would dare to misbehave with her”, said the friend.

When Katrina started her career, for a good five years, Salman went around finding filmmakers who would cast Kat in their films, as many directors were reluctant casting a non-Hindi speaking girl who just had a disastrous debut with ‘Boom’.

Where as, now when she`s moved on and is fanatically focused on her career, Salman, who is known to be bitter about betrayals, is not the least bitter about Katrina.

A friend added, "She knows she has moved to another level in their relationship where they are no more boyfriend-girlfriend. Salman has attained a level of empathy with Katrina that he has never reached in any previous relationship."