Katrina is an overworked employee!

Updated: Jun 14, 2012, 17:28 PM IST

New Delhi: Not many people are aware of the efforts an actor puts in his or her work in a bid to deliver a hit film. Behind all that glitz and glam, are long and erratic work schedules with barely any time to catch some good sleep. And Bollywood’s top starlet Katrina Kaif stands a testimony to the fact, since she has been currently working non-stop for three films sans a break!

As it is known to everyone, these days Kat is working on YRF’s ‘Eka Tha Tiger’ and another film with Shahrukh Khan and training extensively for ‘Dhoom 3’ in her off time – all simultaneously. If all that work was not enough, there is a brand endorsement assignment in Thailand that has come up in front of her. Post that, she has to make her way to Chicago for another shooting schedule.

However, Katrina did have a breather when she got to sneak some quality time to spend with her family while shooting in London. But even that shoot ended very soon. With all that work keeping Katrina on her toes 24x7, she is someone who deserves a mention in the list of Bollywood’s overworked actors.