Katrina Kaif’s ghostly affair in a live-in relationship!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Imagine how it would feel living with Bollywood’s hottest property Katrina Kaif! A little birdie reveals that Kat has a live-in partner in her apartment and off late she has been keeping busy! And thanks to the privileged ones’ distraction for making the hottie turn up late for events and meetings and making her “Late Kat”!

This piece of news might have hurt all those male fans of Katrina, who are earnestly waiting to date the actress at least once in their lifetime! But the one who has the pleasure of staying with the lady is invisible!

Surprised? So, were the members at a meeting where Kat confessed that she stays with a ghost! According to sources, a reporter recently met Katrina Kaif, who had turned up late for a meeting and blamed the ghost in her house for it.

When prodded, Kat informed that the ghost opens the bathroom door after she tightly shuts it.

But she insists that the spirit is a rather happy one and lives peacefully in her apartment. It wishes her well and is never a ‘troublesome’ live-in partner!

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