Katrina miffed with Prakash Jha for comparison with Deepika

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Twitter seems to have become the latest source of discord among B-town celebs. News has it that a recent tweet from director Prakash Jha miffed stunning beauty Katrina Kaif to an extent that she called Jha directly to show her displeasure about his tweeting act.

The ‘Rajneeti’ director, who is now working on ‘Aarakshan’ praised Deepika Padukone for completing the dubbing in just 4 days record time. When Kat learnt of this comment, she got really upset.

It’s an accepted norm that for any role in a film, the time taken to dub would depend on factors such as the length of the role, the depth of emotions to be portrayed, the extent of preparation by the actor, etc. So, what exactly did Jha mean by record time?

So, Kaif wondered whether Jha was trying to say something more through his tweet than was directly evident, considering she took 40 days to dub for her role in ‘Rajneeti’!

Moreover, comparison with Deepika would be last thing Kat would want, given their common interest in their ex-beau they’ve shared in the past!

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