Katy Perry files USD 6.5m counterclaim against hair product company

Last Updated: Apr 25, 2013, 08:45 AM IST

Los Angeles: Pop star Katy Perry has struck back at the hair-styling company that rushed into court in anticipation of being sued over an endorsement contract.

Two weeks ago, Jemella Group Limited (JGL) sued Perry`s loan-out company, Killer Queen LLC, contending that it had paid the singer USD 4.5 million under a two-year deal to endorse Good Hair Day (GHD), said the Hollywood Reporter.

In counterclaims filed in a California federal court, the 28-year-old singer`s lawyers said that if there was no deal, JGL had no right to continue to use Perry`s image on the GHD website and refer to Perry as the company`s "brand ambassador".

"Those who wish to do business with a company that does not honour its contractual commitments, yet reaps the benefits of the agreements giving rise to those commitments, would find a perfect business partner in GHD," Perry`s lawyer said in their new legal papers.